Hate Critters? This Island Might be Your Worst Nightmare


Christmas Island? The name alone sounds fantastic. Combing two awesome things to create a tropical island constantly filled with holiday cheer? In reality, this island is located in the Indian ocean between Australia and Indonesia. Although Christmas Island’s picturesque views and climate are everything you’d want in a tropical destination, there is one catch. Between […]

10 Faces Everyone in Retail Recognizes


1. The “Customer just interrupted my sales pitch face” face 2. The “Customer just asked if I work here despite full uniform” face 3. The “Customer just walked in 2 minutes before close” face 4. The “Sweetest old woman is trying to pick out something for her granddaughter” face 5. The “Customer just tried on […]

25 Things That Happen on Every Real Housewives Episode


1. A house wife wants to plan a dinner party 2. The same housewife insists on inviting everyone despite obvious tensions 3. A housewife is apprehensive about attending 4. Another housewife assures her it will be fine 5. All of the housewives are in attendance at said dinner 6. A housewife wears large earrings 7. A […]

Woman’s Letter to Her Daughter’s Stepmother is Possibly one of the Most Amazing things on the Internet


For most women, the relationship between their ex-husband’s current wife is often uncomfortable, many times even terse. Despite the usual stereotypes of tension present within these relationships, mother and blogger Candice Curry wrote a letter to her husband’s ex-wife, Ashley Parish, and it’s spread like wildfire since. For the full letter, visit Candice’s blog Women […]

What This Hunter Found In the Woods Will Break Any Dog Lover’s Heart


Greg Zubiak trekked into the woods to get ready for an intense moose hunt, the last thing he expected was to find the most adorable and precious little creatures. No, it wasn’t a moose that he found; instead in a small field, he discovered a large box that contained of 20 abandoned puppies. The pups […]